new music ~ performance ~ multimedia

based in Montreal
QC, Canada





identity based research creation

Since a marking event that compelled her to re-evaluate the place of her adoption in her life, An-Laurence has used art and autoethnography to explore her identity and find meaning in her adoption experience.

Related works :
Approchez, je vous raconterai ce que j'ai oublié (web piece/performance, 2020) ~> web version here

Confidences en trois temps (audio-visual installation, 2018) ~> see it here


Émergences ( ~ 2019

Émergences ( was a concert and commissioning project, produced and led by An-Laurence, that took place 2019. The project commissioned 5 emerging women composers to write new pieces for "twice as if" (Sara Constant & An-Laurence Higgins), and culminated in performanes in Montreal (Galerie Le Livart) and Toronto (Canadian Music Centre, TO). The pieces created incorporate improvisation, visuals, text-score, electronics and/or theatrics. The composers/pieces commissionend :

Véronique Girard (entre les lignes),
Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin (points de rencontre),
Shelley Marwood (Towards Chaotic Neutral),
Thais Montanari (la désintégration de la culture),
Lieke van der Voort (Thought Replacement Worksheet).